Welcome to the registration site for trampoline competitions

On this platform clubs did set up registration possibilities for SHTV competitions, Ostseepokal and Barmstedt-Cup.

Registrations should be very easy to enter.

At first, the registering clubs have to enlist competitors and judges.

Between registration start and last day of registration, jumpers can be set for their fitting competition class.

Judges can be changed during the registration span as well.

If you need a username and password, please send an email to


If the registration process is not correctly working, send me an email ralf.warnat@gmail.com.

I am sorry to say that an account can not be setup online. That is only due to spam and webbots.

Have fun registering,

Ralf Warnat

P.S.: This is a private website written only for the purpose for easy registration for trampoline competitions.
I will not be responsible for foreign links or functionality of this site.
Data gathered on this site will not be sold to third parties.